How Does Donative Assist Nonprofits During Times of Crisis?

Online fundraising platforms, such as Donative, are highly recognized among the nonprofit community, especially in the United States of America. Being one of the best online fundraising platforms, Donative helps the nonprofit organizations in the US to raise funds from a larger audience. Since it’s an online platform, the process of fundraising is well-executed through the internet.

Donative has been successfully helping the nonprofit organizations in their effort to support the locals in crisis. This is widely done through the help of various unique features of Donative. Let’s see how Donative implements the effort via its features and tools:

Wider Reach

Donative has the ability to reach out to a large set of audience, far beyond a nonprofit’s instant geographical location. It implies that even during a crisis, nonprofits can get easily connected with a larger donor base.

Ease of Use

Donative platform is user-friendly for nonprofits and donors. It helps nonprofit organizations to set up campaigns easily and supports the donors in contributing funds to their favorite cause. This facilitates more people to get involved.

Customized Campaigns

Donative enables nonprofits to create customized fundraising campaigns that are custom-made to the specific crisis they are addressing. They can include vital details such as what is the crisis, the intended use of funds, and compelling stories.


Donative helps the nonprofits to share engaging and impactful stories, images, and videos. It will assist the potential donors to make an emotional connection with the cause. Such a storytelling aspect can be highly beneficial during crisis situations.

Get Real-Time Updates

If you are a donor and if you want to know how your fund is getting utilized, choose Donative today. Our platform helps the donors to get real-time updates on how their contributions are being used by the nonprofits. It creates trust, transparency, and boosts continued support.

Worldwide Donor Network

Donative will attract the donors from different parts of the world. Such a diversified donor base can help the nonprofit organizations to access funds from different sources and locations. It ensures a more sustainable online fundraising effort.

Social Sharing

Donative, being one of the best online fundraising platforms can be easily integrated with social media accounts. This feature makes it easy for the donors to share campaigns with their network. Such an organic sharing can make the nonprofit’s campaign go viral, thereby, increasing the incoming flow of funds.

Secure Transactions

Donative is a highly reputable online fundraising platform and it gives a huge importance to security. This feature ensures that donors’ personal and financial data is secured and well-protected.

Donor Engagement

Known for the best online fundraising platform features, Donative enables nonprofit organizations to communicate with donors via comments, messages, and updates. It improves donor engagement rate and creates a sense of involvement.

Various Online Fundraising Strategies

With the help of Donative, nonprofit organizations can use a variety of unique online fundraising strategies. It can include one-time donations, recurring donations, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer fundraising, and many more.

Wrap Up…

It’s important to take a look at the different features before you choose an online fundraising platform. Choosing an online fundraising platform depends on various factors such as user-friendliness, reputation, and so on. And amid the growing competition, Donative, an online fundraising platform from Managed Org has emerged to be a leading one in today’s times.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit and get more information about our online fundraising platform!

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