Donative is a fundraising platform that helps non-profits and charities raise money online. Our
platform is easy to use and offers a range of features to help you maximize your fundraising efforts.

To get started with Donative, simply sign up for an account and create a fundraising campaign. You
can then share your campaign with your supporters via email, social media, and other channels.
Donors can make a donation directly through your campaign page, and you can track your progress
in real-time.

At Donative, our mission is to make fundraising easy and accessible for non-profits and charities. We
believe that everyone should have the opportunity to make a positive impact in their community,
and we want to help organizations of all sizes achieve their fundraising goals. Our platform is
designed to be user-friendly and affordable so that even small organizations with limited resources
can use it to raise money and create change.

Donative’s fundraising solutions are designed to help you create a wide range of campaigns,
including peer-to-peer fundraising, crowdfunding, and event fundraising. With Donative, you can
easily track donations, engage donors, and manage your campaigns all in one place. When a donor
donates, where does the money go?
The money donated by the donor goes directly into your bank account. Typically, it is deposited on
the next working day, and you receive the full amount donated by the donor.

Currently, we have a special promotion in place where there is no monthly cost associated with our
service. Our goal is to maintain this pricing structure for all non-profit organizations in the future.
The only fee we charge is a processing fee of 3.9% plus 30 cents per transaction. It’s worth noting
that many other payment provider solutions typically charge around 2-3% plus 30 cents.
Additionally, we offer the option of a ‘help-with’ charge, allowing you to ask the donor to cover
these costs on your behalf. In most cases, this enables our solution to be a net zero cost for your
organization while enhancing and streamlining your donation process.

From a technical standpoint, the entire process, from start to finish, typically takes only 2 days,
including obtaining all necessary approvals to accept donations. However, in practice, organizations
often spend additional time exchanging information, ensuring accurate data, and fine-tuning the
setup. Therefore, a more realistic estimate for completion is 1-2 weeks.

Donative offers a wide range of features to help non-profits and charities raise money online. Some
of the key features include recurring donations, donor management tools, fundraising analytics, and
integrations with popular payment processors like Stripe and PayPal. We also offer a range of
customization options, so that you can tailor your fundraising campaigns to your organization’s
specific needs.
To see our full list of features, click here – www.donative.io

In order to join the Donative platform, we provide you with our privacy policy and terms and
conditions, which you will need to read and agree to. Additionally, when it comes to the payment
gateway application, which involves banking information, there is a contract that needs to be signed.
All of these documents are available online and can be conveniently signed electronically for your
ease and convenience.

There are several benefits to using Donative for your online fundraising needs. First and foremost,
our platform is designed specifically for non-profits and charities, so you can be confident that you’re
using a tool that’s tailored to your organization’s needs. We offer a range of features that are
designed to help you maximize your fundraising efforts.
In addition, we pride ourselves on our affordability. Our transaction fees are typically lower than
those of other donation websites, which means that more of the money you raise goes directly to
your cause. We also offer a range of customization options, so that you can tailor your fundraising
campaigns to your organization’s specific needs.
Finally, we believe in providing top-notch customer support. If you have any issues or questions, our
support team is available to help you out. You can contact us via email or phone, and we’ll do our
best to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

Yes, Donative’s fundraising solutions support recurring donations, which can help you build a stable
and reliable stream of revenue for your organization.

Yes, Donative offers integrations with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, which can
help you promote your fundraising campaigns and engage with your supporters.

Donative’s donor management tools allow you to easily track and manage your donor information,
including contact information, donation history, and communication preferences.

Yes, Donative’s fundraising solutions come with robust analytics and reporting tools that allow you
to track the performance of your campaigns and make data-driven decisions about how to improve

Our primary goal is to simplify your life. We strive to provide you with training and setup assistance
for our solution, allowing you to focus on your hectic schedule. We handle all other aspects for you.
Aside from occasional tasks such as adding or updating campaigns and products, reconciling, and
performing check-ins, there is no requirement for continuous monitoring.

Yes, Donative’s texting packages are designed to help nonprofits communicate with donors and
volunteers more effectively. With Donative’s texting packages, you can send messages, reminders,
and updates directly to your supporters’ phones.

Yes, Donative can integrate with a variety of tools and platforms, including Salesforce, Mailchimp,
and Zapier. Donative’s team can work with you to ensure that your website and fundraising
campaigns are seamlessly integrated with the other tools you use for your nonprofit.

Absolutely. We gladly welcome international donations through our system.

Yes, Donative’s fundraising solutions allow you to accept donations from donors all over the world.
Donative supports multiple currencies and payment methods, so you can easily accept donations
from international donors.

Yes, Donative offers a variety of training and resources for nonprofits, including webinars, tutorials,
and a comprehensive knowledge base. Donative’s team is always available to help you with any
questions or issues you may have.

Yes, we take data security very seriously at Donative. All data is encrypted and stored securely, and
we comply with all relevant data protection regulations.

If you have any issues or questions, our support team is available to help you out. You can contact us
via email ([email protected]) or phone (516-469-3870), and we’ll do our best to resolve your issue as
quickly as possible.